Caoimhe left her tumblr logged in xD Well anyways Caoimhe is amazing. She’s always there for me and she cares about everyone but herself.Can’t wait till she’s unpunished -.- SO WE CAN START GOING VILLAGE AGAIN!! Everyone misses you:’( Love you

Guys I’m dying without Internet.

Carl is here letting me use his iPod. All I want to do is chill in my room, watch Awkward or PLL, text my closest friends and be lazy. I miss it “/ I need to make sure Vanessa and Leah and Pon and Brian and Carl and Jenny and Hazel and everyone is fucking okay. I miss my friends. I need hugs. And for some reason I want Steven hugs xD ugh, they changed my laptop password, texting people off my phone and fucking ugh. I need to change music around on my iPod -.- SOMEONE COME LOVE ME!

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Imagine being free all the time. Then suddenly as you begin to grow and mature you are trapped in the dark, hidden away, suffocated and only fully released at night. As you continue to grow you may be forced into ridiculously small spaces, or constantly pushed around. That is the tragic life of a boob.

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  • fox news: it's 10 pm do you know where your children are
  • my parents: in front of the computer as always